4 Top Tips: Helping to Engage Your Employees in Their New Wellbeing Strategy

Incorporating wellbeing initiatives into your workforce is extremely beneficial, however sometimes these types of strategies can be met with angst and disinterest. For example when launching financial wellbeing strategies, as they are a hot topic at the moment, employees sometimes express that they want a pay rise over educational webinars. However, for a lot of businesses significant pay rises aren’t feasible in this current climate and aren’t necessarily the best option despite employees assuming it would be, but learning how to best manage the money they do have can be invaluable. 


Our Client Success Manager Bridget Casement gives her 4 top tips on how to engage your employees if they haven’t met the new strategy with huge amounts of positivity. 


  1. Create a buzz around the launch day 


Make sure you are promoting the launch of a strategy as much as possible to build excitement around it, whether that is via email campaigns, noticeboard posters, social channels or newsletters. Make sure the word is out there. Also add a personal message of encouragement from a senior leader to show that they are on board and this is something the business firmly believes in. If it’s possible to address everyone in person then this is best but a short video is scalable and will help the message land with impact for larger organisations. 


  1. Challenges and competitions 


Once your wellbeing strategy has been launched, try implementing a wellbeing focussed challenge or  competition (with prizes for the winner to really bring out those competitive sides, or perhaps a random winner just for participating!). If you have the zeno HealthNav app you can create challenges such as steps, active minutes, or even sleep and mindful minutes. This will encourage the formation of daily healthy habits as well as increasing participation and therefore engagement with all wellbeing initiatives. 


  1. Make sure your employees have a voice 


Our anonymised discovery surveys allow your employees to have a say in how the strategy will be shaped. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all employees know about the discovery survey and as many of them answer it as possible. How you communicate this is key as the more data you gather, the more relevant initiatives you can deliver and the more successful the strategy is likely to be. 


  1. Keep everyone in the loop 


Sending comms updates on internal channels about upcoming workshops,webinars or health checks and challenges, will help enhance engagement of your chosen initiatives. . At zeno we keep in regular contact with our clients and work collaboratively to create excitement around upcoming wellbeing events with customised emails and push notifications. 


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