A New Frontier In Mental Health Support – Workplace Wellbeing

A Pioneering Initiative by Mental Health First Aid England

As the mental health landscape in England continues to grapple with increasing challenges, a significant stride has been made by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA England). Recognising the dire statistics—rising suicide rates and nearly two million people awaiting mental health services (Mind, 2024)—MHFA England has launched the first of its kind, the Association of Mental Health First Aiders.

This innovative body is more than a membership organisation; it’s a movement poised to reshape how mental health is addressed in the workplace and beyond. MHFA England, known for its comprehensive support to Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders) as part of their training, has established this association to further empower those dedicated to this critical cause.

The Association of Mental Health First Aiders aims to redefine workplace mental health support by creating the largest community of certified MHFAiders. Members will gain exclusive access to ongoing training, specialised qualifications, engaging events, and vital research. These resources are designed to bolster their skills and effectiveness, fostering a well-supported network of professionals ready to tackle mental health challenges head-on.

Sarah McIntosh, Managing Director of the Association, emphasised the transformative role of MHFAiders in society. “Every day our MHFAiders are having life changing and life saving conversations. We need to support them to keep doing so”, she stated at the launch. “The Association is the next stage of empowering a growing community of Mental Health First Aiders to tackle stigma and lead transformative change in our workplaces and beyond.”

Moreover, the association serves as a testament to MHFA England’s proactive approach, prioritising prevention, early intervention, and comprehensive support. It underscores the organisation’s dedication to building mental health literacy—a core aspect of their training programs.

The profound impact of MHFAiders across England is clearly evident. According to research from MHFA England [Accessed 2024], 94% of MHFAiders believe their efforts are challenging the stigma surrounding mental health. An impressive 91% feel they are transforming societal discourse on mental health, with the same percentage affirming the life-saving impact of their interventions.

In addition to the launch of the Association, MHFA England has also redeveloped the MHFA Refresher course. Updated with the latest mental health statistics and best practices, this ensures that MHFAiders remain at the forefront of mental health support. This course, recommended every three years, is crucial for MHFAiders to maintain their Association membership and continue benefiting from its resources.

Hannah Creech, Member Experience Lead at the Association, highlighted the value of support and connection, stating that 92% of MHFAiders say that the support and benefits provided by MHFA England empower them to perform their roles with more confidence, skill, and care.

Here at zeno Health Group, we are proud partners of MHFA England and strong supporters of this new initiative. Through our partnership, we offer Mental Health First Aid Training both online and face-to-face, contributing to the growing network of skilled MHFAiders. Get in touch today to find out more. 

As we navigate a complex mental health environment, the Association of Mental Health First Aiders signals a new era where mental wellbeing is managed with the care, expertise, and urgency it deserves. This initiative not only supports those trained to aid others but also fosters a healthier, more resilient society.

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