Why Employee Wellbeing Solutions Aren’t Just a ‘Bonus Feature’ for Your Company

Employee wellbeing solutions are growing in popularity due to employee wellbeing becoming a bit of a buzz word in many industries and for good reason. The past two years have been a rollercoaster of events from the pandemic, to the cost of living crisis, inflation, as well as our government chopping and changing.

Your business grows for many reasons, but one of the biggest is your employees. They make or break a business, that’s why we have to look after them, by implementing wellbeing solutions.

In recent times there has been a number of posts circulating on LinkedIn about how companies specify in their job descriptions that they offer ‘free beers on a Friday’ or ‘you get a cake on your birthday’. These posts are usually captioned with ‘we don’t want free beers, we want financial reassurance’ or ‘mental health support’. The Indeed Workplace Happiness report found that dimensions like being energised by your work (16%), feeling like you belong (13%) and having a sense of purpose (13%) all rank higher than pay and flexibility.

Employees expect more than just the ‘perks’ that you offer, they care about  how you’re going to support them in a time of need. This has been especially highlighted in recent times due to inflation and the ‘cost of living crisis’; according to Close Brothers it is estimated that 25 million employees have financial worries at work. A free beer isn’t going to help with these issues.

However, there is always the lingering question of ‘are employee wellbeing programs really necessary’; ‘are they really worth investing in?’. These questions, alongside the emergence of the ‘tick box’ culture, is why we’re here to tell you employee wellbeing isn’t just a tick in the box.

Majority of the time when you think of employee wellbeing the first thing that comes to mind is making sure their mental health is in a good place, which is absolutely right. However, we shouldn’t look at mental health in isolation as there are many factors that affect it, including our financial, physical and social wellbeing.

At zeno we believe in whole person health; meaning your mental, physical, financial, and social wellbeing are all interdependent. It is all about one size fitting one.

Whether it’s about men’s health support or women’s health support, all of these different factors intertwine together. By making employee wellbeing solutions a must not a ‘bonus’ shows employees that you genuinely care about their wellbeing. According to a study by Oxford University, employees who feel appreciated are 13% more motivated. The better employee wellbeing, the better the motivation and work.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you support your employees wellbeing they way they want it to be supported.

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