zeno and Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing Commit to Helping UK Workforce Navigate Financial Wellbeing

Multi-award winning health-tech company zeno has signed an exciting new partnership with market-leading Morrinson Wealth Management, a specialist in financial wellbeing, services and planning.  

The new partnership will see zeno’s growing network of clients, including Amazon, Inspired Villages and KPMG have access to Morrinson Wealth’s detailed and specialised content via zeno’s HealthNav app and platform. HealthNav features content that enables individuals to take personal control of their finances in a bid to align and balance whole-person health and wellbeing.  

The partnership will also see zeno and Morrinson Wealth host a full and comprehensive set of workshops and seminars which will address a range of financial wellbeing topics:

  • Planning for Financial Security – Resilience
  • Advanced Planning for Financial Security – Retirement
  • Advanced Planning for Financial Security – Investments
  • Money & Mental Health
  • Self-employed support
  • Money & mindset
  • Getting on/Moving up the property ladder
  • Graduate introduction
  • Financial Stress-Free Festivities

zeno’s clients and HealthNav users will also have the ability to book 1:1 sessions with a qualified finance expert, also delivered through the HealthNav app. The certified financial advisers and wealth management specialists will be on hand to help HealthNav clients make the most of their money and maximise financial wellbeing. Find out more about how we can help, what we do and who we are.

Sam Gaunt, zeno’s Delivery Director said of this partnership: “We believe collaboration is the key to success when it comes to expert and specialist content. Financial health and wellbeing is one of our key pillars which form the foundations of optimal whole-person health. If you have financial worries, stresses and strains you’re less likely to get a good night’s sleep. If this happens you might be more inclined to miss a gym session, skip a night out with your friends and make unhealthy food choices. Like all other areas of health and wellbeing, financial health can be proactively managed and improved. We are delighted to be working with the incredible team at Morrinson Wealth to help HealthNav users better manage this area of their lives.” 

Karl Davies Partner and Chief Business Development Officer added: 

“The Morrinson Wealth team are very excited to start our partnership with zeno. It has come at a time of volatility, high inflation and in the midst of a cost of living crisis, where many could benefit from education and guidance around money.

Our team are passionate about financial wellbeing as we understand money is often a taboo subject when it comes to discussing it with friends, family and employers, and so we seek to empower people to take action with their finances and do the things that might otherwise be pushed down the to-do list, to make happier and more productive employees.

zeno and Morrinson Wealth will be kick-starting this partnership with a week of free and complimentary sessions for HealthNav users later this month.”

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