zeno & Hero Gaming Join Forces

When two heroes join forces…

HERO Gaming puts employee health at the top of the agenda by enlisting the help of wellbeing specialist, zeno

HERO Gaming has shown its commitment to its employees’ health by enlisting the help of health tech and wellbeing specialist, zeno, to boost staff health, wellbeing and overall morale.

At the forefront of gamified casinos, HERO Gaming offers a unique experience for its players.  Behind the successful brand is its Casino Heroes, a passionate team who come up with creative ideas and enable the innovative brand to grow, helping to push the business to a global level.

Like many, the pandemic brought a huge change to the way the team worked, forcing many to work from home which altered the way employees interacted, as well as having an impact on the team dynamic.  Keen to support its employees across physical, mental, social and financial aspects in what has been a challenging 18-months, HERO Gaming introduced zeno’s award-winning whole person health technology, HealthNav to its team. HealthNav provides access to a fully personalised, wellness library and nutritional resource; all in the palm of your hand, available online, anytime and at your convenience.  The technology promotes a holistic approach to health; from setting in-house fitness challenges to offering financial advice and therapy sessions.  

Marie Theobald, Chief People Officer from HERO Gaming said, “zeno’s HealthNav technology has been an incredible add-on for both our existing and new employees.  Having access to such a comprehensive wellness tool has been invaluable as everyone has faced their own challenges over the past year and a half.  We’re delighted to have been able to provide such unique support during a stressful time.   

“It’s been an isolating time for some with the closure of our offices but we’ve found the fitness challenges in particular have been a great ice-breaker and a way to create hype, chatter and a buzz amongst the team.  This is great for morale and relationship building, as well as getting us moving.”

Joe Gaunt, CEO of zeno said, “We’re pleased to be working with HERO Gaming and it’s amazing to see the team really making the most of all that HealthNav has to offer.  The ability to personalise health and wellbeing is vital for each company and organisations that recognise this are on to a winner.

HERO Gaming is already seeing positive results with participation in initiatives, satisfaction, happiness and movement all on the up.  Increasingly people are now drawn to companies with an excellent reputation for employee wellbeing programmes like HERO Gaming is offering”

zeno offers personalised wellbeing solutions for a variety of clients.  For further information or to see how zeno could benefit your organisation book a consultation with us today.

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